YsCŴL - Week 1

This week's videos include Magic Maths with Kjartan Poskitt and an arts and craft lesson with Ticky Lowe.

Magic Maths - A Card Trick

Arts & Crafts - Make Your Own Paper Doll

Today’s YsCWL video comes from Artist Ticky Lowe – it’s Paper Dolls, it’s really simple, and once you’ve made yours the possibilities are endless!

Suitable for anyone from 4 years old up, with some support with cutting out.

The film shows how to draw and cut out a paper doll, how to create simple designs and turn them into outfits for your doll.

Once you have mastered the basics you could create an entire wardrobe, have your own fashion show, take your doll on an adventure around your home, or even make a film of your own using a stop motion app.

Symud gyda Liv / Movement with Liv (Cat Yoga)

Ask a Pro! With S4C actor, Carwyn Glyn